Characteristics of the city

Located in Duval County, Florida, Jacksonville is an industrial city. Renowned for its hospitality, it also has long white sandy beaches and many buildings from the 1920s. The
city is also famous for hosting studios where hundreds of silent films were produced in the early 20th century.

Number of inhabitants

The City of Jacksonville has a population of approximately 782,623 (2005 estimate).


It was in 1562 that the city was founded by the Frenchman Jean Ribault. The following year, the French were driven out of Jacksonville by the Spaniards. Cotton allowed Jacksonville to enjoy a great economic boom in 1850, but it was ravaged by flames several times during the Civil War and experienced a serious yellow fever epidemic at the end of the 19th century.
In 1918, the city was home to heavy traffic following the construction of the railway.
In 1974, Jacksonville became Florida’s financial center.


Jacksonville, located in Duval County, is located northeast of the Florida coast in the United States.
It has an area of 2,264.5 km².

How to get around town?

Jacksonville offers a variety of transportation options, including Bus, Taxis or Car Rental.
The bus: many buses allow visitors to travel around the city.
Taxis: it is possible to use the taxi company “Gator City Taxi”, reachable at (904) 355 8294.
Car rental: many rental agencies are present in the city, as well as at the airport

What to see?

Jacksonville has many tourist attractions to see. Tourists will mainly visit the Florida Theater, Fort Caroline National Memorial, but also the Friendship Park Fountain or the Zoological Gardens.
Other sites such as the Ritz Theater, the Villa Museum, the Cummer Museum, or the Budweiser Brewery, will also attract visitors.
Jacksonville Tourist Office website.

What to do about it?

– Relax on the city’s many beaches such as Atlantic Beach or Vilano Beach.
– Strolling through the city’s huge open-air shopping mall: Jacksonville Landing.
– Stroll along the sea on the Highway and dine in one of its restaurants.
– Take a boat trip to learn about deep-sea fishing.

Gastronomy and local recipe(s)

Dishes: fish such as snapper, grouper, mahi-mahi, marlin or swordfish; conch (a kind of conch), crab claws, oysters, mixed salads, grilled pork with fried plantains and black beans, Cuban sandwich.

Desserts: key lime pie (lime and condensed milk pie), cheese cake.

What to see in the region?

In the surroundings of Jacksonville, various tourist sites are to be seen.
Fort Mose National Historic Landmark; Osceola National Forest; the city of Saint Augustine.